I’m interested in technology as a tool for decentralizing power and facilitating human self-determination which has led me to work on Information Privacy and Security, Bitcoin, and related technologies.

I don’t care about “technology for technology’s sake” and, although I recognize and actively deploy the potential of technology to address problems, I don’t limit myself to it, for I believe we need more than a technology-only approach if we wish to create meaningful solutions without introducing deeper problems or reinventing old mistakes.

You can find me on:

Most of the time nowadays, I work and travel from Portugal, but I’m frequently traveling inside and, less often, outside of Europe.

PGP key

I use this key for most of my e-mail encryption/signing and general code signing:

pub   rsa4096 2016-08-27 [SC] [expires: 2018-08-29]
      0552 E520 69E7 49A1 DB1D  CBEB 0DC7 7FC6 1ED3 ECC4
uid           [ultimate] Marco Agner (Master) <marco@agner.io>

You can download it here but don’t trust solely on this web page for verifying it.